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What do we do?

We develop social technologies, which are those co-created together with communities without satisfied basic services. They are characterized by being decentralized, low cost, friendly to the environment, easy and fast installation.


- 4% of the Colombian population does not have access to electricity or is of poor quality, which decreases the quality of life, especially school dropout.

-14% of Colombians do not have water coverage, which contributes to different gastrointestinal diseases and deaths in minors.

- 30% of the inhabitants in Colombia do not have access to safe sanitation, reducing the sense of security and well-being of women.

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Who trust us?

Since 2015 we have worked with universities, entrepreneurship programs, private companies and other civic organizations to access energy, water and sanitation services.


Hemos sido reconocidos con varios premios. En 2019, el reconocimiento más importante fue ganar el desafio -Lead 2030- de One Young World.